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Eliminating healthcare disparities by connecting patients with Black healthcare providers.

Inequities in Healthcare have had a profound impact on the African American community.

Black women are 4x more likely to die giving birth than their white counterparts.

In the US, Black babies die at 3x the rate of white newborns during initial hospital stays. When Black doctors cared for Black babies, their mortality rate was cut in half.

Black men over-index on preventable diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease.

Jamaa Health is here for you.

[ja-maa] Swahili • Relative

Too many people do not have a trusted relationship
with their doctor.

Our marketplace connects patients with thousands of black doctors, who can provide qualified, consistent medical advice in a way that is culturally digestible.

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Confidently work with real doctors, verified by our team with the most up-to-date information.

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Doctors on this database own their information so patients can trust that each doctors’ profile is current.


Our comprehensive platform will always be web-based, accessible, and prioritize your needs.

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You control your personal information and can ensure that your profile is always up-to-date with our easy to use interface.

Strong Referrals

Interact with patients who are actively seeking doctors within specific specialties and follow up on strong leads.

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Engage with doctors across various specialties and grow your global network of African American doctors.

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