For Doctors

Reducing medical mismanagement by connecting patients with specialized needs to the right physician.

Real benefits for real doctors.

Jamaa Health provides an opportunity to educate patients on various specialties as well as increase the patient load of practicing physicians.

How we help doctors

Build Your Brand

Easily build a profile, and explore other resources we provide like reputation management, social media management and web development.

Meet Other Doctors

Our app makes it simple to find others doctors in your field, in your city or in your own neighborhood.

Let Patients Find You

We’ve built a comprehensive database so that patients can find you, learn about you, and make an appointment.

Own Your Profile

You control your personal information and can ensure that your profile is always up-to-date with our easy to use interface.

Strong Referrals

Interact with patients who are actively seeking doctors within specific specialties and follow up on strong leads.

Build Your Network

Engage with doctors across various specialties and grow your global network of African American doctors.

Building the world’s largest database of Black Healthcare Providers

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