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We’re All Family

Healthcare that sees you as a person and not as patient. Someone who will take care of you…like family should

Healthcare is Complex

We’re here to simplify the process, provide a comprehensive database, and help you find a doctor that’s more likely to be culturally competent.

Simplify Your Search

Finding a doctor is work! We make help make it simple to find the right doctor for you.

Own Your Profile

You control your personal information and can ensure that your profile is always up-to-date with our easy to use interface.

Strong Referrals

Interact with patients who are actively seeking doctors within specific specialties and follow up on strong leads.

Build Your Network

Engage with doctors across various specialties and grow your global network of African American doctors.

Building the world’s largest database of Black Healthcare Providers

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Our mission is to eliminate healthcare disparities by connecting physicians of color with patients of color in order to provide a qualified level of care to all patients.


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